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Deal Comp Oy is one of Finland´s leading suppliers of embedded and rugged mobile computers and routers for demanding environments in mobile field use, as well as commercial vehicles and work machines.


Since Deal Comp Oy was founded in 1992 it has been a value-added technology solutions provider. Our services are divided into three core business areas which cover industrial computer and networking products as well as customer oriented purpose built solutions within this technology segment. As a supplementary business line we supply consumer electronic products from world leading manufacturers.
Due to our commitment and excellent customer support combined with over 20 years experience, Deal Comp Oy is one of the major suppliers in Finland and Scandinavia for ICT products.


DEAL COMP Industrial

Embedded Computer Products and Solutions
Deal Comp  is a highly skilled partner for technology-based companies, which provides services for industrial automation and telecom rack servers, embedded solutions, wireless communications, machine-to-machine and real time applications with emphasis on demanding environment. We combine world leading industrial computer hardware and know-how with our experienced hardware designers own development work and assembly service.
Since the founding our main focus has been in computer applications for demanding Arctic environment coping with frost, heat, dust and moisture as well as vibration and shocks.


Consequently, Deal Comp has also played a vital role in the development of mobile computers in Finland and is one of the leading providers of Embedded Solutions for a variety of fields, such as:

  • Transportation
  • Commercial vehicles and railways
  • Logistics
  • Rescue vehicles
  • Forestry, mining and road building machinery
  • Defence and domestic security
  • Automation and telecom servers
  • Infotainment and advertising
  • Medical applications


Deal Comp Oy’s vision is to act as one of the leading providers of technologically advanced Embedded Solutions.


Deal Comp Oy´s mission is to promote our customers´ competitiveness by providing Embedded Computer and networking Solutions with superior productivity and quality.

DEAL COMP Consumer

Deal Comp Oy also supplies electronic accessories that enable people to effectively work, play, enjoy music, shoot images and communicate in the digital world. The products we sell combine high technologies, continuing innovation, and excellent price performance. Our focus is in Mass Storage Devices such as Flashcards, RAM- and SSD-memories, which we have pioneered in Finland. Additionally our service covers installation and content copy transfer, ie. imaging.