Deal Comp Oy has been both a manufacturer and an importer of “ruggedized” PC equipment since the 1990s. As the ICT-IoT industry has undergone a major disruption in recent years as new technologies challenge traditional solutions, we have followed the trend and launched an intensive R&D process that allows us to now offer ARM-based devices based on different processors alongside our existing x86 products. Now our product range covers both devices from renowned manufacturers and customer-specific solutions based on our own design and development work, carried out in accordance with the requirements of customer projects. The manufacture and certification of products and solutions are also part of our service. In addition, we provide our devices with a Linux-based Open Source software platform that makes application programming with QT, Python, or other tools easy and fast to implement.

Deal Comp’s strategy is to complement the so-called “BoxMoving” business with a comprehensive “one-stop-shop” service that allows customers to have an optimal and coordinated solution for integrating devices into their own system.

As the IPR of the products we develop is owned by Deal Comp, it opens the door to launch large-scale export operations in new expanding mobile IT applications, enabling the company to grow to a new size, taking advantage of the new global demand created by the aforementioned transformation. This is based on solid technological know-how and product development capabilities.

Mobile computing applications are increasingly moving from device-centric to open systems with software at the center. We can provide customers with solutions to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this transformation. On the processor side, there is a shift from general-purpose processors (e.g., x86 PCs) to application-specific processors suitable for AI and Neurocomputing, as well as real-time processing and interpretation of HD-resolution video data. These areas are the spearheads of our product development. We share these tasks with first class skilled SW-houses.  We have developed new products with the philosophy of an open software platform, easy scalability and the ability to integrate the latest technologies. Read more about the new products.