Since 1989, Silicon Valley-based Diamond Systems Corporation has provided rugged, I/O-rich embedded computing solutions to companies in a broad range of markets, including transportation, energy, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, medical and research.

Diamond’s extensive product line includes compact, highly integrated single board computers (SBCs); an extensive line of expansion modules for analog and digital I/O, wired and wireless communications including multiprotocol serial ports and Ethernet switches, GPS, solid-state disk, and power supply functions; and complete, rugged, system-level solutions.

Diamond Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

STEVIE is a compact, low-cost, feature-packed carrier board solution for the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier computer module. STEVIE measures 92 x 106mm (3.62 x 4.17″), just slightly larger than the AGX Xavier module (87 x 100mm). This small outline enables Stevie to provide the maximum amount of I/O and support full-size 2280 M.2 modules in the smallest possible size.
The most popular I/O is located along the front edge of the board using commercial style panel I/O connectors. This facilitates installation in an enclosure with fewer internal cables, helping to further reduce overall system cost and size.
PCIe Minicard and M.2 sockets enable the installation of flashdisk and I/O expansion module to customize Stevie to your particular application requirements.
STEVIE is available in three models. STV-BB01 is the full feature model. STV-BB02 is the same as BB02 but has just one Ethernet port. STV-BB03 is a cost reduced model with fewer I/O features and a lower height single Ethernet jack.
STEVIE is ideal for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier applications in typical commercial / industrial environments requiring low cost and compact size

Jetbox-FloydSC provides a complete deployable solution for AI at the edge utilizing the Nvidia XN / TX2 NX / Nano compact GPU modules. JetBox-Floyd SC includes the Floyd SC carrier board and the selected Jetson module with Linux OS loaded, integrated into a compact steel + aluminum enclosure ready for use. The integrated heat sink cover provides cooling – no fan is required. An internal M.2 socket supports up to 2TB additional storage beyond the flash included on the Jetson module. Shelf and DIN rail mounting are supported. A 12V AC adapter is included with the system.
With the NX module installed, one CAN port can be made available with an internal cable that replaces one of the serial ports on the front panel.

Osbourne is a versatile carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin high-performance GPU module. It provides access to all I/O features of the Orin module and includes numerous sockets for I/O expansion. Osbourne has been designed to be used in almost any application ranging from commercial to industrial to airborne to rugged military use.
Key highlights of Osbourne include:
Industry-standard camera adapter socket for use with a wide range of CSI, GMSL, and other cameras
10Gb Ethernet + 1GB Ethernet ports
Wide temperature operation – matching the range of the Orin module
Dual minicard sockets with PCIe and USB interfaces
Dual M.2 sockets for flash memory (M key 2242/2280) and network connectivity (E key 2230)
I/O concentrator connector enables use with standard and custom I/O breakout boards
Osbourne is available as a carrier board alone or with an Orin module and fan sink installed and ready for use. A Linux OS based on Nvidia L4T and customized to support all I/O on Osbourne is available for free download.

JETBOX-STEVIE is a compact Nvidia Jetson AI computing platform ready to deploy. It includes the high performance Jetson AGX Xavier embedded computing module installed on our STEVIE carrier board with a Linux OS installed and preconfigured to support all the I/O on Stevie. Jetbox-Stevie offers the highest performance Jetson computing platform in the smallest available size.
Jetbox-Stevie features multiple expansion sockets for additional I/O and storage capacity to meet a wide range of application needs. Dual SMA antenna cutouts support the installation of WiFi and cellular modem modules for network connectivity. The enclosure is DIN rail mountable or can be used in a “table top” scenario.
The front panel includes 4 DB9 connectors which provide access to the 4 multi-protocol serial ports on Stevie. Two ports can be converted to CAN by replacing one of the cables with the accessory CAN cable included with the system.

The FLOYD SC compact carrier board converts the Nvidia Jetson Nano / TX2 NX / Xavier NX modules into complete embedded systems by providing interface circuitry, I/O connectors for all module features, camera interfaces, power supply, and additional I/O in a solution measuring only 4.3×3.3� / 110x85mm. A novel expansion I/O connector enables connection of standard and custom daughterboards with additional I/O functionality to simplify the development of customized Jetson solutions.
Floyd SC features up to 3 CSI camera inputs, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 RS-232 and 1 RS-232/485 serial port, 16 GPIO, and HDMI + DP display support. With the NX module installed a second Ethernet port and a CAN port are available. An M.2 M-Key NVME socket supports both 2242 and 2280 size I/O and flash storage modules. Wide voltage input 7-24V provides adaptability to a range of power supplies.
Floyd SC is available in two configurations: a low-cost model with reduced features for Nano and a full-featured model with complete features supporting NX and TX2 NX.
Floyd SC is supported by a full Linux BSP based on Nvidia�s Jetpack. This software is available as a free download from our support area.
Floyd SC is available as both a carrier board component and as an assembled subsystem including the selected Jetson module with Linux OS installed. Both heat sink and fan sink cooling options are available.

Ideal Platform for compute-intensive rugged embedded applications
With its NVIDIA Xavier computing power, rugged design, and PCIe/104 expansion capability, Elton offers the ideal platform for implementing high performance computing and AI applications in mobile and harsh environments.
Elton utilizes the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier embedded computer module to deliver unmatched performance for AI, machine learning, image processing, and other compute-intensive tasks. The Xavier module delivers up to 30 TeraOps in performance (3 x 1013 operations per second) at a maximum power dissipation of 30 watts. Xavier also offers scalable performance for applications requiring lower overall power consumption of 10 or 15 watts. The module runs at 32 TOPs on a 512-core Volta GPU with Tensor Cores and accelerators, enabling high-performance AI-powered autonomous machines like never before. At 87 x 100mm (3.4 x 3.9″) it is slightly bigger than the other Jetson modules.
Elton provides numerous sockets for I/O expansion. An industry-standard camera module socket supports the attachmentof up to 8 CSI cameras (up to 4 cameras with 4K resolution). An M.2 socket supports the use of PCIe x4 NVMe flash storage up to 256GB. An LTE module socket supports the use of NimbeLink SkyWire cellular modems, featuring a broad range of solutions with worldwide compatibility.
Standard PC-style I/O on Elton includes 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, HD audio, HDMI and LVDS display, and4 RS-232/422/485 ports with software configurability. All I/O is provided on pin headers that are compatible with both common non-latching and rugged latching mating cables, making Elton ideal for applications in environments subject to high shock and vibration.

Jackson provides a compact, economical, and I/O-rich solution for NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano / Orin NX GPU modules. Jackson brings out all I/O from the modules to I/O connectors or expansion sockets. Two quad-lane CSI camera connectors enable high-performance image processing applications utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the Orin series.
An I/O expansion connector provides a convenient way to customize Orin Nano / NX applications by designing low-cost I/O daughterboards that mount directly underneath the Jackson carrier board. The connector provides PCIe, USB3, I2C, and power via a flex circuit cable. Daughterboards can be designed to provide extra Ethernet and USB ports, extra M.2 and minicard sockets, and other I/O.
Jackson is available both as a carrier board and as a complete integrated solution with Jetson module and fan sink installed and Linux OS loaded. See the ordering information tab for part numbers and configurations.


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