The DR01-MVB Wireless-Enabled MVB Router is a powerful stand-alone high reliability MVB connected gateway router with a dedicated Linux application processor capable of independently executing Client services. This device combines the functions of a gateway computer with a HW accelerated dedicated router core. Separate processors are used for the application software and the router to improve performance and enable easier software development. The application processor
directly connects to the core router with and internal Ethernet interface. This enables independent upgrading of application layer software services without the need to touch the Layer 3 routing core software.

The small footprint DR01-MVB is ideal for upgrade programs due to its small size and support for project specific firmware adaptations. Vehicle location is based on an UDR supported high sensitivity GNSS subsystem. Two M.2
sockets are available for LTE or 5G modem integration. An integrated MVB interface enables direct connection to the train MVB for operative data serving PIS or diagnostics applications.
The rear side of the device features a replaceable end plate with board-to-board connectors enabling mixed use of systems with RJ-45 and M12 connectors, the core router system board remains the same.
The router features a soldered down GNSS subsystem with UDR GNSS for installation cases where no connection to the vehicle is available. The UDR based positioning can reliably navigate underground or in poor satellite signal

DR01-MVB – General Features:

  • Dedicated Dual Core Layer 3 Router SoC with WRT-Linux FW
  • Quad core CORTEX-A7 1.2GHz Linux Application Processor
  • ARM CORTEX M0 system management and I/O Controller
  • HW accelerated advance routing functions VLAN, NAT, IPsec etc.
  • Dual modem support with eSIM/nanoSIM
  • UDR RTK GNSS navigation subsystem
  • Support for 2x LTE/5G modems on M.2 sockets
  • M-key M.2 socket (PCIe) for NVME SSD
  • ESD+ or EMD MVB Interface (2 x DB9)
  • 4x 10/100/GBIT Ethernet RJ45/M12 options
  • 2 + 1 RS-232/485 Serial ports
  • J1939 FMS CAN port
  • Emergency and Ignition input, 2 Dig. Outputs
  • Internal voltage and temperature monitor
  • Secure tamper proof electronic serial number
  • 14.6-160VDC input with railway grade PSU
  • Certified to EN50155


  • MVB Diagnostics gateway router
  • Train, metro wireless router
  • PIS gateway controller
  • WiFi gateway using external AP
GNSSConstellations: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS 48 tracking channels
-162 dBm tracking sensitivity
FAKRA connector for antenna
RTKUDR GNSS receiver
MODEM5G (sub 6GHz) or LTE CAT 4 modem
uSIM as default, eSIM build option
European/Asian band support
Dual M.2 B-coded modem sockers
2x FAKRA connector for antennas
CPU 1Linux ARM CORTEX A7 4 core, 1.2GHz
512GB eMMC Flash, SD-card memory expansion
Secure unique encrypted serial number for device identification
Router CPUSoldered down Mediatec MT7621A router processor
eMMC SD card expansion
Duragon WRT Router Open-Source core firmware
Direct routed 10/100Mbit Ethernet interface to CPU 1
CPU 2ARM CORTEX A0 system management controller
Interfaces4x 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet (RJ-45) or 4x 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet (M12 X-code)
EMD or ESD+ Dual redundant MVB Interface (2x DB-9)
2x RS-485, 1x RS-232, 1x J1939 CAN ports
2x 0-24VDC Digital Outputs (Open Drain)
MonitoringAll power rails (4-chanel ADC), GNSS antenna, temperature, boot success, Independent 3D-accelerometer and 3G Gyro
Power14.6-160VDC input range (24VDC/72VDC or 110VDC Nominal)
FirmwareLocation modem stream, Location to IP Routing functions
Global system configuration in LUCY
MVB data filtering and broadcasting
OTA update and configuration
Layer 3 WRT Linux router firmware with LUCY Web based device configuration
Project specific software services available upon request