ITD is a worldwide leading industrial touch display equipment’s solutions provider with an after-service center in Netherlands combining researching, developing, manufacturing, marketing & service with an excellence in varied kinds of industrial displays and touchscreen products started from 2005 and later expanded to embedded panel PC, digital signage, rugged stainless steel/aluminum alloy IP65 industrial displays, and ultra-wide stretched bar LCD displays for industries ranging from banking, transportation and logistics, to automation, marine, railway, oil and gas, energy, healthcare, and field service.

ITD not only supplies a very wide and deep range of standard products 5.7”~84”, but also provides professional services in customizing products to satisfy all customer requirements. ITD’s main products include:

Main Products
– Industrial Touchscreen LCD Display
– Panel PC
– High Bright Sunlight Readable Display
– Rugged Displays and Panel PC
– Indoor & Outdoor Digital Signage
– Stretched Bar LCD Display
– Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitor
– Marine Grade Display and Panel PC

Industrial Touchscreen

Chassis Touchscreen Panel PcStretched Bar LCD Display
ITD 18.5 inch Full IP65/IP66/IP67 Waterproof Stainless Steel LCD MonitorITD 15.6 inch Chassis Panel PCITD Stretched Bar LCD Monitors
-Exceptional quality and highly engineered industrial heavy duty monitors
-Optional touchscreens like resistive and PCAP
-Ruggedized levels of NEMA 12, 4X, 4, IP52, IP56, IP66 ratings from all directions
-Solid steel and stainless steel or aluminum alloy enclosures
-IP66 sealed, Full IP66 I/O connectors protect from any particles, water, and corrosive agents
-Accuracy in high-use applications
-Long lasting product cycle for continuity thru all phases of project
-Exceptional quality and highly engineered industrial panel computer
-High Performance Processor, Graphics, Memory and Power
-All steel construction designed for harsh & industrial environments
-Easy-to-install VESA(75/100mm) wall mounting
-Optional touchscreens: resistive, IR, SAW & PCAP
-Flexible, reliable, and ruggedized for open platform HMI/SCADA
-Long lasting product cycle

Many sizes and options available
A wide range of Stretched Bar LCD displays with super wide aspect ratios as wide as 16:1 and in sizes ranging from 7 inches to 60 inches.
With a selection for brightness of standard 500 cd/m2 or enhanced backlight to 1000 cd/m2 and for configurations of standard monitor with VGA, DVI, HDMI inputs, single media player or Android based PC built-in options, enables customers’ maximum flexibility and all indoor/outdoor applications. Large ultra-wide displays are ideal for displaying panoramic content and catching an audience’s attention in advertising and digital signage applications, while smaller sizes are commonly used in appliances, kiosks, mobile devices, flight simulators, and gaming machines.

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