MIIVII Technology Inc. is a national high-tech enterprise founded in 2015. Providing smart edge computing products and technologies for enterprises Miivii is the preferred ecosystem partner of NVIDIA Jetson.

Miivii offer multiple hardware configurations, unified software stacks and vertical industry solutions to effectively meet the needs of logistics, transportation management, V2X, low-speed self-driving, ADAS, intelligent video analysis, industrial vision systems, smart retail, smart ports, smart mining, smart medical care, education, agriculture and other fields in terms of AI edge computing power.

MIIVII brings together top-level talents from well-known universities around the world, such as University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Auckland University of Technology, Chinese University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, with rich business operation experience and strong technological background.

MIIVII EVO NX is based on NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX core platform provides 21Tops AI performance. It adopts an efficient passive heat dissipation design, provides a wealth of I/O interfaces, which achieve the require of industrial vision, mobile patrol inspection, video analysis scenes.Based on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 it provides 6-channel GMSL automotive grade camera access. It also adopts passive coolers and IP4X grade protection. It is highly stable, vibration resistance and expansion, which can be applied in many industrial scenarios include industrial vision and video analysis.MIIVII EVO Xavier II is an embedded edge computing device designed for industrial scenarios with 32Tops computing capability,adopts high efficiency and active heat dissipation design, can operate stably in harsh industrial environment. Fastening embedded design can achieve high vibration resistance level. Variety of I/O interfaces to meet the access requirements of sensors. Provides efficient sensor clock synchronization function, and reserves a variety of internal expansion interfaces to provide more wireless communication and storage expansion solutions.

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