The MOCCULA-MVB – Wireless Enabled MVB Gateway is a powerful stand-alone high reliability gateway for extracting MVB data to be used by other onboard or remotely located systems. The MVB Protocol Engine and the Physical Interface comply with electrical and functional requirements of ESD+ and EMD MVB networks. The small footprint MOCCULA is ideal for upgrade programs due to its small size and support for project specific firmware adaptations. This enables the MOCCULA to support various protocols used by different train manufacturers. The MOCCULA is specifically validated for ALSTOM train MVB data. The MOCCULA is based on a YOCTO Linux Quad Core ARM CORTEX A7 processor, which executes the embedded software. Local soldered down eMMC Flash storage is used for application software as well as data buffering. An additional uSD card can be used for local data logging of vehicle parameters.

The MOCCULA is capable of acquiring the complete range of MVB I/O space, buffering and parsing all the messages in real time. The MOCCULA, can send the complete package of MVB data over Ethernet or its wireless LTE CAT 4 modem with an updating rate of 1s. Specific data can also be sent over the isolated RS-485 port to other onboard systems. The MOCCULA is a fully fledged gateway router with the ability to extract train health and operational data. Train location services may use the optional RTK supported high sensitivity GNSS subsystem. Train speed and direction are extracted from the MVB data in real time to be used to support RTK sensor data fusion. This enables accurate train location for diagnostics systems. MOCCULA supports accurate navigation in underground and covered locations. The design of the power supply has extensive input filtering exceeding the requirements of EN50155. The input contains an active protection circuit and multi-stage filter to ensure lowest emissions and best immunity. The input is reverse protected up to 100V and will withstand indefinite overvoltage up to 100VDC.
The operating temperature range is -20 to 70C.

MVBESD+ or EMD – factory configured
GNSSConstellations: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS
48 tracking channels
-162 dBm tracking sensitivity
Antenna open-short detection
FAKRA connector for antenna
RTKEmbedded 6-axis MEMS sensors
MVB interface used for speed and direction data
eSIM and uSIM, software selectable uSIM front accessible
B1, B3, B5, B7, B8, B20 B38, B40, B41 band support
(Optional LTE modem band support for INDIA)
Uplink up to 50Mbps
Downlink up to 150Mbps
FAKRA connector for antenna
CPU 1Linux ARM CORTEX A7 4 core, 1.2GHz
512GB eMMC Flash, SD-card memory expansion
Secure unique encrypted serial number for device identification
Interfaces10/100Mbit Ethernet (RJ-45 or optional M12 D-code)
USB 2.0, TYPE AB connector for maintenance
RS-485, 4 Isolated Digital Inputs, 4 Isolated digital outputs
MVB, Dual DB9 connectors (M + F)
Power8-38VDC input range
Indicators1x MODEM Status, 1x User configurable
FirmwareMVB modem stream, MVB to IP bridging
Routing functions
MVB data to RS-485 broadcasting
OTA update and configuration
MechanicalAnodized extruded enclosure,
Dimensions: 100mm x 126mm x 30mm