CEO Tauno Laakso

Everything is possible. It should not be unnecessary to consider whether information technology can be used in difficult circumstances. We at Dealcomp provide solutions to customers’ wishes in extreme hard conditions. Whether it is cold, hot, dust, vibration, shock or damp, we implement a durable and long-lasting IT solution. Please feel free to contact us. Many have thought that his need or desire cannot be fulfilled. We design and implement something that is not available on the market.

Technical Director Markku Ryynänen

Yes, it will last a long time. We have implemented IT solutions since 1992 and some of our products are still in use. When you choose a product or solution with us, you will find yourself saving on system maintenance, service costs and the need for renewal. And the most important thing is 100% operational reliability so your business won’t stop for a moment.
So you can leave all the IT challenges at our disposal and focus on running your business. References history shows who all have relied on Deal Comp Oy’s solutions over the years.

Marketing and Sales Manager Jukka Alhonen

A well-designed IT solution will speed up your work. Just tell us how you work, and we will design a suitable solution. IT-solution must support business rather than vice versa. Our customers have praised our products for reliability and maintenance free, in addition to which their long life cycle also extends the usability of the software. At the same time, their daily work has accelerated and become more productive.

Purchase and logistics Pentti Hakanen

Accurate and well-timed deliveries are the core of our work. We make sure that the products and components arrive on time and the agreed customer deliveries start on the agreed date. Confidence arises from the adherence to agreed matters.

Technical Specialist Jon Lee

It is all about stable and good technology. When we use industrial grade components and well designed housing, products and solutions can live longer.

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