Get reliable and secure vehicle computer to help you succeed in your business.

Vehicle Computers supplied by Deal Comp are suitable for taxis, buses, trains, trams, subways, work machines, and trucks and lorries. Vehicle computers are always optimized for each vehicle to achieve the required connections, integration and reliability.

The most popular rugged vehicle computer are equipped with MOCCULA-RTK or multi-channel routers and multiple 7″ -32″ displays. It is also possible to connect additional devices such as reversing, security and machine intelligence cameras, CAN bus readers, I/O-devices etc. to computers.

The computer is shielded from vehicle power outage, capable of cold start and controlled shutdown in fault situations. All models are very compact, packed in a durable sealed housing and according to the EU Road Traffic Act, approved by e1. On vehicle PCs, you can use Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Vehicle displays are available in many sizes 7″ -32″, with or without different brightness, sensors and touch screens.

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