We design and deliver electronic advertising and info solutions that can be placed in vehicles. Our special skills covers difficult conditions such as heat, frost, humidity, dust, vibration, bright light and shocks. The background system and screens communicate wirelessly or over broadband. We can build multi-screen solutions and integrate additional devices, such as switches, GPS sensors, motion detectors, machine vision cameras, etc.
We produce ready-to-use solutions for immediate presentation of content and interactive communication.

Example of our Communication and Passenger Information Systems:

  • i.MX8 QuadMax CPU with QT application platform
  • Widescreen 28”, 36” or 48”, 16:3 HD resolution LCD
  • Optional eSIM LTE modem, WiFi and GNSS
  • Dual Daisy-Chain Switched Ethernet with bypass relays
  • Ethernet over PowerLine
  • 8-36VDC or 110VDC power supply