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Deal Comp Solutions.

The Need for Your Company is the Starting Point

We provide you with a unique solution that will serve your business. You will get all the services you need to implement a successful IT solution. We handle configuration, design, project management, production, logistics, maintenance, services, and technical support. All you have to do is describe your needs, and our project team will handle it as a product, solution or service. At the same time, we ensure that the products and solutions have the approvals and certificates required by the authority. Our responsibility will continue after delivery, with maintenance, service and technical support. When the solution’s lifecycle approach to end, we will once again help you find the best solution. So you can leave all the IT challenges at our disposal and focus on running your business. Reference history shows who has trusted the services of Deal Comp over the years.

”There are no problems – Just work to do”

We are strong in the field of
  • On-board and in-vehicle system paradigm experience
  • Strong technology base – CPU, wireless, power supplies, failsafe I/O, video data acquisition, vehicle buses and sensor interfacing
  • Reliability through design – EMC design and protection, connector and enclosure design (3D CAD)
  • HW + FW integration, extensive experience in Linux middleware and device software
  • Intergration of remote management
  • Experience in execution of international projects
Autonomous driving and operation

Auto­nomous Driving and Operation

Effective solutions for vehicles

Critical communications

Critical Communi­cations

Critical communi­cations systems for vehicles and remote locations

Digital signage

Digital Signage

Electronic advertising info solutions inside and outside vehicles

Industrial automation

Industrial Automation

For demanding conditions



Solutions for rolling stock increase productivity

OEM Solutions and Services

OEM Solutions and Services

From an idea to a product with international certifications

Public Trans­portation

Public Trans­portation

Improved efficiency and profitability for public trans­portation
Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle Solutions

Vehicle solutions for
professional transportation



Reliable wireless tele­communication solutions for vehicles