Critical Communi­cations

Public safety and authorities

  • Critical communications systems for vehicles and remote locations
    • Police, fire and rescue, first responders
    • Authorities, government, frontier guard, customs

Rail and road trans­portation

  • Broadband vehicle connectivity (buses, trams and trains)
    • PIS, Infotainment, Passenger WiFi, Surveillance
    • Operative systems, AFC, Condition Based Maintenance


  • Reliable remote access
    • Critical Telemetry
    • SCADA
    • Remote Surveillance

Application scenarios

  • Access to databases: citizen, vehicle, insurance, criminal, tax, stolen car, wanted people
  • Access to supporting information: building floor plans, pictures, records
  • Automatic number plate recognition combined with real time database access
  • Access to biometric databases in the field
  • Streaming live video with remote or local recording
  • Real time asset positioning and mission situation creation



Reliable Communication Services are Essential for Tactical Operations

Improving operational efficiency of PSS organisations using 5G technology.

  • Guaranteed System and Network Availability
  • Data and Device Identity Security
  • Improved Bandwidth with MIMO 4×4 Up- and Downlink
  • Low Latency Data Delivery
  • Flexibility and Interoperability
  • End-to-End Connectivity and Visibility

Deal Comp solution advantage

  • User Programmable Open Source Router Platform – WRT Linux
  • Multiple 5G WWAN Uplinks
  • Soldered eSIM or uSIM for all modems
  • Compatibile with Public and Private LTE and 5G Networks
  • Multiprocessor Architecture:
  • Separate 4-core ARM Linux Application Processor
  • Dedicated HW Accelerated Networking Processor for Layer 3 Routing
  • CORTEX M0 Processor for System Management and Monitoring
  • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Execute Cryptography and Encryption on Separate Application Processor
  • ”e”-certified for Vehicles, EN50155 for Railway Installations
  • Improved Bandwidth with MIMO 2×2 or 4×4 Up- and Downlink
  • Easily Customizable Platform

VPN Connection with Hot Standby


Product Overview – Strategic Differentiators

  • Purpose-built for vehicle and demanding installations
  • Router functions based on Open WRT Linux
  • Intuitive browser-based device configuration
  • Execute user software on WRT Router or application processor
  • Up to 2x 5G WAN uplinks with 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO, eSIM support
  • Secure electronic Serial Number for device identification
  • 4x Gbit Ethernet ports (RJ45 or M12)
  • High accuracy UDR or ADR GNSS for vehicle location
  • Three dedicated processors:
    • 32-bit HW accelerated networking processor
    • 4-core ARM Linux application processor
    • CORTEX M0 system monitoring and recovery processor
  • Suitable for a variety of installations
  • EU Certified for patrol and command vehicles – UNCE Reg 10.
  • Frequently re-located temporary sites
  • Remote sites without fixed line connectivity
  • Traffic location or critical site connectivity
  • Advanced algorithms for uplink qualification and handover management
  • VPN, IPSEC and data encryption

DCore Open Source – Platforms

  • Vehicle 5G routers with application processor and dedicated network CPU
  • MT7621A or LS1046A network processor
  • Additional Quad Core ARM CPU and CORTEX M0
  • M.2 5G/LTE MIMO modems – eSIM and uSIM support
  • ADR or UDR High accuracy navigation
  • 4x GBIT Ethernet, J1939, RS-485/232, DIO, Audio

  • 5G enabled vehicle Computers
  • 6-core ARM application processor
  • M.2 5G/LTE MIMO modem – eSIM and uSIM support
  • ADR or UDR High accuracy navigation
  • Standard computer and vehicle I/O
  • System management and diagnostics Co-processor