Get Reliable and Secure Vehicle Computer to Help You Succeed in Your Business

Vehicle Computers supplied by Deal Comp are suitable for taxis, buses, trains, trams, subways, work machines, and trucks and lorries. Vehicle computers are always optimized for each vehicle to achieve the required connections, integration and reliability.

The most popular rugged vehicle computer are equipped with MOCCULA-RTK or multi-channel routers and multiple 7″ -32″ displays. It is also possible to connect additional devices such as reversing, security and machine intelligence cameras, CAN bus readers, I/O-devices etc. to computers.

The computer is shielded from vehicle power outage, capable of cold start and controlled shutdown in fault situations. All models are very compact, packed in a durable sealed housing and according to the EU Road Traffic Act, approved by e1. On vehicle PCs, you can use Windows, Linux and Android operating systems.

Vehicle displays are available in many sizes 7″ -32″, with or without different brightness, sensors and touch screens.


Deal Comp Ltd has develop a new generation in-vehicle computer solution to meet future customer needs. The solution uses the latest technology breakthroughs to enable unprecedented performance and reliability. DCore enables e.g. all vehicle sensor data transfer to Smart City environment in real time using 5G technology. More powerful and more durable DCore is more cost-effective than traditional in-vehicle computers.



Purpose built – The system architecture, functionality, enclosure, connectors and structure are designed for high availability 24/7 operating onboard bus or railway applications.

Resistant – The DCore™ DC3399 OBU is designed to withstand the mechanical, electrical and environmental stress encountered in extreme bus, train and locomotive installations in arctic and tropical conditions.

Wide temperature range – A wide operating temperature range ensures reliable continuous operation from -25~ +70°C.

Thermal design – Structural heat dissipation is used to increase operational reliability and to guarantee the wide operating temperature range.

The DCore DC3399 bases on a power-efficient 6-core 2GHz 64-bit ARM architecture processor.

Compliance – The DCore DC3399 is compliant with:

• EN50155, EN50121, EN61373
• EN60950-1 Safety
Wireless connectivity – Comprehensive set of wireless interfaces for versatile connectivity:
• Cellular LTE (CAT4 APAC), WiFi (802.11 b/g/n/ac) and Optional Bluetooth 4.0
• High Sensitivity RTK assisted GNSS Receiver with antenna diagnostics
• Expansion options include V2X radio interface, 802.11ax and Sub 6GHz 5G modem

Modular – The DCore DC3399 is a platform offering versatile expansion options including internal 1x MiniPCI and 2x DealStack expansion slots. All Platform interfaces are integrated on the system board to maximise expansion options, which include: NVIDIA GPU coprocessor, 4x AHD video inputs, 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports, ESD+ or EMD MVB, 5G modem and 802.11ax Wifi.

Display – The ChannelLink digital display interface includes LVDS LCD panel signals, a buffered I2C-bus for touchscreen and +12V power delivred over a 4-wire CAT5 cable

Diagnostics – A dedicated CORTEX M4 CPU monitors and manages the system, providing a failsafe mode and remotely managed failure diagnostics and recovery.

Platform features
  • 6-core 2GHz ARM CPU + Cortex M4
  • 2GB DDR3L RAM, 16GB eMMC Flash, SD
  • 1x Gbit Ethernet, 2x RS485 Serial
  • ChannelLink III display interface
  • J1939 FMS CAN with protocol coprocessor
  • 4+4 24V DIO, 4 Analogue Inputs
  • RTK supported GNSS navigation
  • 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi, LTE CAT4
  • 8-36VDC PSU, LiPO battery option
  • 2x DealStack™ Expansion slots
  • Optional 1.1” diagnostic OLED Display

The DealCore™ DC3399 is a rugged purpose-built fully integrated modular in-vehicle OBU targeting bus and train applications. Compliant with internationally recognized standards applicable for onboard systems, the DC3399 is an ideal platform for addressing various interface and I/O requirements. The system is modular and available in entry-level and full-functionality versions depending on the project requirement. Included are wired and wireless communication interfaces, 24VDC system I/O, high accuracy RTK supported navigation subsystem, combined with an ultra-low power multi-core ARM applications processor supported by a 32-bit CORTEX M4 system management coprocessor. This dual processor architecture enables advanced self-diagnostics and failure recovery.

Designed in an ultra-compact “heavy duty” conduction cooled aluminium enclosure, the DC3399 includes rugged connectors for power, control and I/O, M12 connector for ChannelLink III, FAKRA antenna connectors for LTE/WiFi and GNSS. DC3399 has a wide input range ignition key controlled 24VDC nominal PSU with advanced input protection and multi-stage filtering.

Peripheral Interfaces

The DC3399 optimally balances integration and functionality. The Platform contains the most common and vital interfaces, which are included on the System Board, while project specific interfaces use the two internal DealStack™ Expansion connectors. Maintenance interfaces including standard HDMI, USB 3.0, SD and SIM card are available under the service panel cover. Ignition sensing controls the power supply and Bus Emergency pushbutton input is also included.

The RTK assisted GNSS navigation is state-of-the-art, offering seamless handover and high accuracy navigation in covered locations. The RTK engine will assist then GNSS navigation in cases where signal in weak or disturbed. The RTK engine can use Wheel-Tick-Direction signals or directly connect to the vehicle FMS CAN port for vehicle speed and direction data.

Future Proof

Our design approach reduces lifecycle costs and migration challenges. The technology of the DC3399 is based on commercial standards using Industrial-Grade components and design principles leveraging 20+ years or paradigm experience in onboard system design.

DCORE-DR01 – Wireless-Enabled ITS Capable Router

The DealComp DR01 is a powerful stand-alone high reliability gateway router with a dedicated Linux application processor capable of independently executing ITS or ITxPT services. This device combines the functions of an OBU with a HW accelerated dedicated Layer 3 hardware core router. Separate processors are used for the application software and the router to improve performance and enable easier software development. The application processor directly connects to the core router with and internal Ethernet interface. This enables independent upgrading of ITxPT or other ITS software services without the need to touch the Layer 3 routing core software.

The small footprint DR01 is ideal for upgrade programs due to its small size and support for project specific firmware adaptations. Vehicle location is based on an RTK supported high sensitivity GNSS subsystem. Two M.2 sockets are available for modem integration.
The rear side of the device features a replaceable end plate with board-to-board connectors enabling mixed use of systems with RJ-45 and M12 connectors, the core router system board remains the same.

The router features a soldered down GNSS subsystem with either CAN-data based ADR or UDR GNSS for installation cases where no connection to the vehicle is available. The ADR/UDR based positioning can reliably navigate underground or in poor satellite signal conditions.


General Features
  • Dedicated Dual Core Layer 3 Router SoC with WRT-Linux FW
  • Quad core CORTEX-A7 1.2GHz Linux Application Processor
  • ARM CORTEX M0 system management and I/O Controller
  • HW accelerated advance routing functions VLAN, NAT, IPsec etc.
  • Dual modem support with eSIM/nanoSIM
  • UDR or ADR RTK GNSS navigation subsystem
  • Support for 2x 5G/LTE/LTE450 modems on M.2 sockets
  • M-key M.2 socket (PCIe) for NVME SSD
  • 4x GBIT 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet
  • 2 + 1 RS-232/485 Serial ports
  • J1939 FMS CAN port
  • Emergency and Ignition input, 2 Dig. Power Outputs
  • Internal voltage and temperature monitor
  • Configuration serial port, field service USB-port
  • Secure tamper proof electronic serial number
  • 8-38VDC input with railway grade PSU
  • Certified to EN50155
  • Combined ITxPT OBU and Router for buses, trams and trains
  • Train, metro and bus ITS capable wireless router
  • Vehicle upgrade and modernisation programs

DCORE-ER03 - High Performance 5G Router with DR Navigation and Dual SFP+

The Deal Comp ER03 stand-alone high performance EDGE Router bases on the NXP LS1046A dedicated networking processor. This CPU features optimized resources for network traffic data management over multiple independent Ethernet controllers. Five Gbit PHY and dual SFP+ interfaces, suitable for 10Gbit copper or fiber, are available for external Ethernet connectivity. Furthermore, two M.2 modem sockets are available for 5G modems with high- speed USB 3.0 and PCIe 2.0 interfaces and esim/uSIM support.  The ER03 includes a high accuracy L1/L5 DR enhanced GNSS subsystem targeting demanding vehicle applications. The navigation subsystem leverages the latest technologies in sensor-assisted GNSS location. Handover between DR- and satellite-based navigation is seamless and transparent.

The ER03 is based on a WRT Router Linux optimized for the NXP LS2046A hardware accelerated networking processor, which is supported by a dedicated system management microcontroller. 
A dedicated CORTEX A7 CPU can execute user data encryption or security software.

Local Flash storage is used for the WRT OS and supporting application software. An additional uSD-card or SATA/NVME SSD can be used for local data logging. Two 0-24VDC range digital inputs can be used for general purpose I/O or as dedicated inputs for emergency pushbutton or ignition key sensing. 

The ER03 is a fully fledged Open-Source EDGE gateway router with the ability to extract vehicle or device data from the vehicle’s CAN or J1939-bus. The J1939 CAN data speed and direction (gear) sensing data can be used for ADR navigation. 

Onboard PIS systems are being incrementally upgraded to IP-based solutions connected to back- end systems using modern 5G modems or 802.11ax high speed connectivity. 

The ER03 is an open platform, which is programmable and upgradeable to support different project requirements and back-end data API’s. Please contact Deal Comp for details on such support and services.

The design of the power supply has extensive input filtering exceeding the requirements EN50155 and ECE Reg 10. The input contains an active protection circuit and a multi-stage filter to ensure lowest emissions and best immunity. The input is reverse protected up to 350V and will withstand indefinite overvoltage up to 350VDC. The operating temperature range is -20 to +70C. conditions.



General Features
  • High performance NXP LS1046A networking processor
  • Optimized WRT OS
  • H3 CORTEX A7 Quad core Linux application processor
  • High accuracy ADR/ UDR supported GNSS positioning
  • Transparent handover between DR and GNSS
  • CORTEX-M0 management microcontroller
  • 2X 5G, LTE and LTE450 modems with M.2 interface, both uSIM and e-SIM support and optional V2X
  • 4 +1 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet, 2x SFP+ interfaces
  • 2x SFP+ supporting 10Gbit Copper/Fiber Ethernet
  • 1x CAN, 1x J1939 FMS, 2x RS-485 ports
  • HD Audio I/O (Line levels), optional DVI-D
  • 2x 24VDc DIN, Emergency button and Ignition
  • 1x M.2 expansion (PCIE 2.0/SATA and USB 3.0)
  • Electronic serial number EEPROM
  • 14.4-36VDC input with railway/automotive grade PSU
  • High performance bus/train routing gateway
  • Passenger WiFi router
  • Network and data security node
  • Vehicle PIS upgrade and modernization programs
  • Multi-path tactical EDGE router
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MIIVII Technology Inc. is a national high-tech enterprise founded in 2015. Providing smart edge computing products and technologies for enterprises Miivii is the preferred ecosystem partner of NVIDIA Jetson.

Miivii offer multiple hardware configurations, unified software stacks and vertical industry solutions to effectively meet the needs of logistics, transportation management, V2X, low-speed self-driving, ADAS, intelligent video analysis, industrial vision systems, smart retail, smart ports, smart mining, smart medical care, education, agriculture and other fields in terms of AI edge computing power.

MIIVII brings together top-level talents from well-known universities around the world, such as University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Auckland University of Technology, Chinese University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, with rich business operation experience and strong technological background.




MIIVII APEX AD10 is an embedded AI supercomputer. It delivers massive computing capabilities and essential features to terminal devices. With shock resistance connector and waterproof desion, MIIVII APEX AD10 is suitable for outdoor usage. In addition, MIIVII APEX AD10 offers clock synchronization function.



APEX DUAL ORIN is a general-purpose Autonomous Machine controller with super large computing power, low power consumption and small size, suitable for commercial vehicles, unmanned distribution vehicle, unmanned cleaning vehicle and other non-passenger vehicles in the field of autonomous machine.

The product is equipped with two NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin modules and Infineon TC397 safety MCU. The product can be connected to all sensors that autonomous machine use.



Based on Jetson AGX Xavier, it has 8-channel GMSL2 automotive-grade camera access, 4 Ethernet Ports and IP65 protection.
It has built-in high-accuracy clock synchronization in microsecond for sensor data. It can widely satisfied for low speed unmanned vehicle compute requirement.


SINTRONES is a world-renowned and ISO 9001 & IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certified company of in-vehicle computing system products. Producing high quality system products that meet international traffic standards certification, including EN50121, EN50155, E-Mark, IEC60945, IACS E10, DNV and MIL-810.

In-Vehicle Computing

Sintrones is a world-renowned and ISO 9001 & IRIS ISO/TS 22163 certified company of in car computer system products. It’s design for wide range DC input +g~36V. Our in car computing products were awarded several patents in many countries across the world.

Embedded Computing

We provides stable and high-quality embedded industrial pc and rugged embedded computers solutions align with customers’ short and long-term needs. An embedded system is a computer system. Sintrones is a world-renowned and ISO 9001 certified company of in-vehicle computing system products.

Edge AI GPU Computing

The Edge AI GPU computing and AI GPU inference is suitable for various factory automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) control system in largescale processes such as mining and manufacturing.

Sintrones VBOX-3611

Sintrones VBOX-3611

Intel Gen 6 Core i7-6600U CPU with HD 520 GPU On-Board Computer
  • Intel Core i7-6600
  • Wireless support LTE w/ Dual SIM Card, WLAN, GPS Dead Reckoning, BT (Option)
  • 9V~36V DC Power Input
  • Smarter Vehicle Power Ignition for Variety Vehicle
  • Support Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage, RAID 0, 1, 5
  • Support 1 x CAN Bus 2.0B (Optional)

>> Datasheet

Sintrones SBOX-2621

Sintrones SBOX-2621

Intel Gen 6 i7-6600U with HD Graphic 520 / 2 x LAN/ 2 x HDMI/ VGA DC 9-36V Fanless Box PC

  • Intel Gen 6 Core i7-6600U
  • Triple Display Output ( 2 x HDMI / VGA)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wide Range Operating Temp. : -30~60ºC
  • Ultra Slim(54mm), Compact Size and Fanless
  • DC 9-36V Power Input

>> Datasheet

Sintrones ABOX-5210G6

Sintrones ABOX-5210G6

Powerful Edge AI Fanless Computer System with Intel® 10th Gen Xeon® / Core™ i9 Processor and supports NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX 3000 GPU

  • Intel® GEN 10th 10 Cores Xeon® W-1290TE / i9-10900TE
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® RTX 3000 GPU
  • Support 1920 CUDA Cores and 240 Tensor Cores
  • 8 x DI, 4 x DO and 3 x RS-232/422/485
  • 1 x M.2 B key, 1 x M.2 A-E key & 3 x miniPCIe expansion slots
  • Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage RAID 0,1,5
  • 9-48V DC Input and Operating Temp.: -40~60°C
  • 10 x GbE RJ45 (Optional 8 x PoE and 8 x M12 X coded connectors)
  • Rolling Stock EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2 certified

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SYS-3610 is a purpose-built railway control and communications computer ideally suited for onboard applications. The system is conduction cooled and fanless and compliant with EN50155 T3 operating temperature range. The system comes with a pre-installed automotive grade 32GB Flash SSD for OS and application software storage. Interfaces include isolated RS-485 HDLC interface, 2x RS-232/485 ports, 2x GBIT Ethernet and 5-band LTE modem.

A 32-bit CORTEX M3 controller parses the HDLC data packets and delivers data to host over internal USB interface. The standard power supply input is 9-36VDC, an external 110VDC Isolated PSU is available from Duragon. Target applications include PI-system control, diagnoistics as well as protocol conversion and gateway applications. Compliance to EN50155 and EN50121 guarantees safe and reliable operation in rolling stock installations.

  • Intel® Celeron™ processor dual core 2980U, 1.6GHz
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB SATA SSD Inbuilt
  • Built-in IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS GALILEO receiver
  • Wheel sensor input for speed measurement
  • Compliant with EN50155, EN50121
  • Internal 5-band LTE modem
  • Programable 8 x GPIO
  • HDLC interface, isolated RS-485
  • 32-bit HDLC protocol communications coprocessor
  • Train Diagnostics and monitoring
  • Train Overspeed monitoring
  • PIS System gateway
  • PTC Systems


SYS-3610-MPU is a purpose-built railway control and communications computer ideally suited for onboard applications. The system is conduction cooled and fanless and compliant with EN50155 T3 operating temperature range. The system comes with a pre-installed automotive grade 32GB Flash SSD for OS and application software storage. Interfaces include isolated RS-485 and RS-232 ports, 4x USB and 2x GBIT Ethernet and 5-band LTE modem. The system supports 50 channel navigation with sumultaneous IRNSS and GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO constellations. The standard power supply input is 9-36VDC, an external 110VDC Isolated PSU is available from Deal Comp. Target applications include PI-system control, diagnoistics as well as protocol conversion and gateway applications. Compliance to EN50155 and EN50121 guarantees safe and reliable operation in rolling stock installations.

  • Intel® Celeron™ processor dual core 2980U, 1.6GHz
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB SATA SSD Inbuilt
  • Built-in IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS GALILEO receiver
  • 32GB SATAIII FLASH HDD, removable tray
  • Internal 5-band LTE modem, India bands
  • Programable 8 x GPIO
  • RS-485, RS-232 and 2x USB
  • 2x GBIT Ethernet ports with M12 connectors
  • HD Audio, Stereo output, MIC input
  • Compliant with EN50155, EN50121
  • Train Diagnostics and monitoring
  • Train Overspeed monitoring
  • PIS System gateway
  • PTC Systems


SYS-3610-MVB is a purpose-built railway control and communications device ideally suited for onboard applications which
require MVB interfacing. The system is conduction cooled with a EN50155 T3 operating temperature range. The system comes with a pre-installed automotive grade 32GB Flash SSD for OS and application software storage.

Interfaces include 2x RS-232/485 ports, EMD or ESD+ MVB, Dual GBIT Ethernet and 5-band LTE/3G modem. Internal peripherals are accessible through USB 2.0 with the uC providing 3x ASC-ports for MVB and GNSS access. The standard power supply input is 9-36VDC, an external 110VDC Isolated PSU is available from Duragon.

Target applications include PI-system control, diagnostics as well as protocol conversion and gateway applications.
Compliance with EN50155 and EN50121 guarantees safe and reliable operation in rolling stock installations.

  • Intel® Celeron™ processor dual core 2980U, 1.6GHz
  • 2GB RAM, 32GB SATA SSD Inbuilt
  • Built-in IRNSS/GPS/GLONASS GALILEO receiver
  • Integrated DUAGON D013 MVB Interface
  • 5-band uBLOX LTE Modem
  • Compliant with EN50155, EN50121
  • SATA III FLASH Disk, Default 32GB
  • Programable 8 x GPIO
  • Electronic secure serial number


ARBOR is a global provider of dedicated industrial IoT computing, rugged mobile computing and industrial automation solutions. With full ISO compliance, ARBOR is committed to delivering high-quality products that follow international standards and well-defined production processes. As an experienced IPC manufacturer and solution provider, all of ARBOR’s products are certified to specific regulations according to different market requirements.

Rugged Mobile Computing

Arbor HT10

Arbor HT10

10” Rugged Android™ Tablet Device

  • 10.1″ IPS TFT LCD 1200 x 1920(FHD)
  • Embedded 1D/2D barcode imager and 8M front camera and 13M rear camera
  • High mobility with multiple-connectivity including WLAN, BT and WWAN
  • Extremely thinnest industrial tablet under 15mm
  • Removable 10000mAh battery
  • Hot-swappable external battery w/ redundant internal battery
  • 1m (3.3ft.) drop resistance
  • Fully rugged IP65 to protect from dust and water
  • Support Android™ 11

>> Datasheet

Fanless Box PC

Arbor FPC-8107-1

Arbor FPC-8107

Robust Box PC with Intel® 10th Generation Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 with up to 3 x Expansion slots

  • Fanless design
  • Wide range DC power input (9~36V)
  • Two independent displays support (HDMI x 1 + VGA x 1 and DVI-D x 1)
  • Power on/ off delay control/ configurable ignition power control
  • TPM 2.0 support
  • 1 x mPCIe for optional Wi-Fi/ 3G/ 4G/ GPS or I/O expansion supported
  • Up to 3x expansion slot support
  • 1 x M.2 E Key (2230) for Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth
  • Front-accessible I/O support
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 support
  • RAID 0,1 support (W480E optional)

>> Datasheet

Wide-Screen Industrial Panel PC

Arbor ASLAN-W1022C

Arbor ASLAN-W1022C

Fanless 21.5″ Wide-Screen Industrial Panel PC with Intel® Core i Processor

  • 21.5″ LCD Display w/ LED Backlight
  • Flat panel with PCAP touch screen
  • IP65 compliant front panel
  • Anti-scratch surface: 7H hardness
  • Serial Ports (RS-232/422/485), RS-485 w/ auto-flow control
  • Mini PCIe expansion slot support
  • 4 x SMA antenna holes for optional wireless function
  • Extended operating temperature range -20ºC ~ 50ºC
  • Wide power input range 9~36 VDC
  • Fanless cooling system

Also available in 15.6″ and 18.5″ sizes.

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Vecow is a team of global embedded experts. We are dedicated to designing, developing, producing, and selling industrial-grade computer products. All of our products are leading in performance, trusted in reliability, exhibit advanced technology, and innovative concepts. Vecow offers AI-ready Inference Systems, AI Computing Systems, Fanless Embedded Systems, Vehicle Computing Systems, Robust Computing Systems, Single Board Computers, Multi-Touch Computers, Multi-Touch Displays, Frame Grabbers, Embedded Peripherals and Design & Manufacturing Services with leading performance, trusted reliability, advanced technology, and innovative concept.


Nvidia Jetson Platform


Vecow EAC Series

Industrial users are looking for advanced, powerful, and trusted solutions to win competitive advantages. Based on years of domain know-how from vertical markets, Vecow joined the NVIDIA Partner Network, delivering compact, high-performance, and trusted solutions to accelerate your Edge AI applications with a faster time-to-market. Vecow EAC Series compact Edge AI Computer is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform, featuring compact size, rugged designs, and industrial-grade reliability to deliver outstanding AI performance and scalability.

Vecow EAC Series delivers server-grade performance with up to 32 TOPS of accelerating AI performance at a small form factor. Featuring DC 9V to 50V wide-range power input, fanless design, and an extended operating temperature range from -20°C to 70°C, Vecow EAC Series is a perfect solution for harsh environments and any AIoT applications. Furthermore, the series expands the Edge AI Computing portfolio with versatile I/O interfaces: GigE LAN, PoE+, USB and, GMSL cameras, and facilitates AI vision applications from Traffic Vision, In-Vehicle Computing, AMR, Medical Image to Public Safety and Advanced AOI applications.

Vecow EAC Series serves flexible configurations and features In-Vehicle ready functions. It supports multiple 5G/4G/LTE/WiFi/BT/GPS technologies and compact storage expansions through M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD and Micro SD. With isolated CAN Bus connections, Ignition Control Protection, and the support of various camera interfaces, the Vecow EAC Series powered by the NVIDIA Jetson™ platform is a good fit for Edge AI applications

Vehicle Computing

Vecow ECX-2200 (M12)

Vecow ECX-2200 (M12)

Armed with workstation-grade 10 cores 10th generation Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i9/i7/i5/i3 processor (Comet Lake) and Intel® W480E chipset, Fanless, -40°C to 75°C operating temperature, 6 GigE LAN with 4 X-coded M12 PoE+, 6 USB 3.2 connections supporting up to 10Gbps data rate, SIM sockets supporting 5G/WiFi/4G/3G/LTE/GPRS/UMTS mobile availability, M.2, Mini PCIe and PCI/PCIe expansions for versatile configurations, smart manageability, 9V to 50V power input with 80V surge protection, software ignition power control, smart circuit protection and trusted reliability, Vecow ECX-2200/2100 Series Workstation-grade Expandable Fanless Embedded System is your ideal choice for Machine Vision, Rolling Stock, Smart Retail, Vehicle Computing, AMR/AGV, and any AIoT-oriented real-time embedded applications.


Vecow RCX-2750R PEG

Vecow RCX-2750R PEG

Featuring workstation-grade platform: powered by 11th Generation Intel® Xeon®/Core™ i7/i5 processor (Rocket Lake-S) and running with W580 chipset, Vecow RCX-2000 PEG delivers high-performance computing capability with up to 19% CPU productivity improved. The system is equipped with PCIe x16 slot that supports max 750W power for NVIDIA® or AMD graphics engine and allows for scalability of expansion with 5 PCIe, 2 Mini PCIe, 4 M.2. Vecow RCX-2000 supports 4 DDR4 memory up to 128GB and features max. 7 independent displays with 8K resolution. The brand new RCX-2000 PEG offers a variety of connectivity and supports 9V to 55V DC-in to meet industrial requirements and is ideally suited for High-Speed AIO, 3D Mapping, Rolling Stock and any AIoT/Industry 4.0 applications.


Octagon Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of rugged computer systems for extreme environments. In dynamic industries like mining, military, transportation, and many more, Octagon computers set the standard for in-field reliability.

Trax-family Small Form Factor


  • Military Grade Mini Server/Router
  • 3-in-1 small form factor rugged computer platform
  • Server, Router & I/O in One
  • Intel Core i7, Dual Core
  • Native Virtualization Support
  • High Performance Video
  • GBIT Ethernet, CAN, Serial, USB, Digital GPS, Wifi, Cellular
  • Made in Canada & USA

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Rack Servers
  • 1U, 2U and 3U Rugged Rack Mount Servers for Critical Independent Systems
  • Dual/Single Intel® Scalable Xeon® CPUs
  • 20” Chassis Depth
  • Certified to MIL-STD Ruggedness

Extremely Rugged

The Vanguard and Echelon extreme rugged servers distinguish themselves in that we design with heavy-duty machined aluminum alloy, using overlapped extrusions for superior torsional strength with EMC/EMI compliance to MIL-STD-461, shock and vibration to MIL-STD-810, 167.

Proven Performance

Dual Xeon processors meet the challenge for high performance computing, maximum throughput and system flexibility. Optimized cooling and airflow ensure reliability and longevity are locked into every server platform and dual redundant power supplies assure sustained continuous operation.

Wide Ranging

A wide range of SSD/HDD mounting and configuring options together with SATA and SAS interfaces are available. Data integrity is assured with MegaRAID controllers and CacheVault backup

>> 1U datasheet
>> 2U datasheet
>> 3U datasheet




Lightweight + Compact Enclosure

The Viper is a COTS general purpose 20+4 port managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch packaged in a reliable, lightweight & compact MIL-STD-810G certified enclosure. Military compliant, dual redundant AC/DC power supply equipped to cover all applications for global operation.

Designed for Rugged Environments

Conduction-cooled electronics have been custom designed to withstand rugged environments and is equipped with active auxiliary electronics and supervisory systems that provide increased payload safety, greater system control & ease of integration.

Flexibility for Feature Implementation

Zync UltraScale FPGA + EG devices feature a quad-core 1.5GHz ARM® Cortex-A53, with dual-core Cortex-R5 real-time processors, a Mali-400 MP2 GPU, and FinFET+ programmable logic ensuring flexibility of feature implementation needed in the next generation of defence applications.

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