You can Rely on our Vehicle Solutions

Deal Comp has been a pioneer in the development of vehicle computers since the 90s. Our customers are companies that have trucks, lorries, vans or other vehicles, as well as manufacturing companies such as car and forest machinery factories.

We can build a reliable solution even if there are extreme challenges with dust, frost, vibration and power outages. We can connect your vehicle solutions to all known vehicle communication protocols (CAN), machine vision sensors, I/O-devices and routers. This gives you a lot of valuable information about your vehicles and becomes a real-time part of your company’s overall system.

As your business evolves and your needs change, your vehicle solution can connect all future sensors, modems, etc. Thanks to open and standard technologies and operating systems we use. All our solutions meet the requirements of the road e-certificate and the EN50155 standard for rail. There are thousands of vehicles in continuous running with Deal Comp’s vehicle solutions in use.

Tell us your needs, and we’ll tell you how to solve it.