Passenger information displays to VR Inter-City carriages

VR is a company owned by the Finnish state, which is mainly responsible for rail transport rolling stock in Finland. For the new Inter-City passenger carriages, VR needed passenger information displays for each carriage to announce the next train station and to inform other interesting travel-related content. Screen placement, screen size and viewing angle had strict limitations/requirements.

Special requirements for displays

There was no ready-made display available on the market for this need, nor did any manufacturer even have plans and not even the manufacturing capability. Deal Comp had to develop a display to meet the requirements, which had to integrate with the selected display chaining solution. On top of everything, the project scheduling was very tight for the development, testing and production of a completely new product. Deal Comp coped well with the project and was able to deliver around 430 screens as new carriages were equipped at the carriage factory in Finland.



Helsinki Regional Transport Authority invests in Passenger Information for Trunk Route Buses